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A Day Center specializing in the Support, Therapy, and Academics for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

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Special Programs include:

  • Indivialized Care
  • Tutoring / Educational Therapy
  • Afterschool Enrichment
  • Creative Arts / Social Skills
  • Home / Parent Training
  • Summer Programs
  • Community Immersion 

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True Foundations Learning Center Specializes in treating the whole child and supporting their family.          

The True Foundations Learning Staff and their expertise spans a variety of disciplines including Education, ABA, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Counseling and Creative Arts. Our teachers have certifications and/or degrees (including Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree levels) primarily in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education. Many of our teachers and teaching assistants have received significant training resulting in years of experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis and have continued their learning regarding this intervention. We have both Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) on staff. Additionally, others have certifications in developmental disabilities and advanced coursework and training in specific interventions such as the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading.

In order to provide a true therapeutic educational experience, the Administration of the True Foundations Learning works to ensure that the staff, regardless of background, participate in a variety of Continuing Education (CE) experiences. Teachers, teaching assistants, staff and therapists receive essential training in behavior-based and sensory-based strategies.

It is essential that all of our staff understand the importance of relationship-based interventions. A successful developmental and educational program cultivates positive relationships that foster a sense of trust between students and their teachers and therapists. To be able to individualize learning is an art, and we strive to instill a sense of support and confidence in all of our staff to provide this for our student population to the best of their ability.


True Foundations is a private Educational and Therapeutic Day Center for children with learning differences or Special Developmental and Behavioral Needs. We are currently serving the San Tan Valley and Queen Creek areas.

Individualized Care

The educated professionals at True Foundations pair with each child and receive extensive training regarding each child's needs .


The success our True Foundations families see in school, home, and community, drive our therapy to ensure each individual can reach their highest level of independence.

Family support

Supporting families at True Foundations and in our community in reaching their goals of independence, education, progress, and development.

Life Skills

At True Foundations, we focus on life skills that will increase freedom such as: cooking, cleaning, and shopping; thus improving autonomy, now and later.

Arts development

The students at True Foundations are creative and have a spark that is all their own! By encouraging play and creativity through the arts, a child's creative side is nurtured with development and creative thinking.

Behavior intervention

Utilizing mindfulness, redirection, reinforcement, and functional communication, the experienced and educated staff at True Foundations works with each child to modify behaviors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We work with the families to utilize available resources including insurance, DDD, ESA, and other grants.

  • Absolutely! Upon accepatance, each child will be assessed and our team will be provided an Academic and Behavior Plan. True Foundations staff is trained is helping each child grow towards functional communication, whether that be with a PECS Board, Aug-Comm Device, or with their own words.

  • Each child is paired with a technician when they walk through the door. Technicians spend the first 15 minutes of their session pairing with a child, establishing therapeutic rapport through play. Throughout the day the technician supports the academic lead by tutoring the child one on one. Additionally, the technician will utilize the natural environment to make progress on behavioral and speech goals. Regular breaks in the sensory gym help stimulate the body and mind, while helping a child regulate sensory needs. Peer play is scheduled and encouraged to help the children develop social skills and build friendships.

  • Progress will look different for each child. Our goal is to help each child improve in their own goals. Communication in our monthly meetings with administration and caregivers allows us to discuss a child's progress. Because we are focused on increasing a child's communication, independence, and healthy behaviors, progress can be difficult to see; however mastering goals intentionally over time, ensures a child's permanent progress.

  • Life skills are an important part of a child gaining independence. Life skills can include making lunch, learning to tie your shoes, or cleaning up after yourself. We've created an environment that facilitates such learning with a kitchen, sensory gym, and classroom chores. Carefully supervised by the teacher and technicians, children learn in their environment as we practice these skills together in various ways everyday.

  • Our purpose is to serve our community through both direct and indirect services. Your child may not require some of our more intensive programs, but could they benefit from additional tutoring, behavioral programs, or social education? Whether we are the fit your child needs or not, we will link you to other resources in the community who can help with diagnosis, prescription, or providers.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained individuals with both traditional educational degrees and field experience. Extensive training and continuous practice ensures we stay up-to-date with current field developments and research, to improve our services. Our team members are dedicated individuals who work diligently with and for each child in their care and development.

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True Foundations Learning is a private educational, and therapeutic center for children with learning differences or special developmental and behavioral needs.

Our Mission

True Foundations Learning is dedicated to helping children accomplish a sense of self, well-being, and confidence. Through education, therapeutic, endevors, and with integrated support for families, we embrace and teach children along the continuum of development so they can transition to healthy and fulfilling lives.

40815 N Ironwood Dr.
San Tan Valley AZ 85140

+1 480 530 0722

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